Three Months a Bowhunter (Bow Hunting Video)

“Three Months a Bow hunter” is a video about the roller coaster of emotions a bow hunter can feel throughout the fall. This video captures the essence of why bow hunting is so addicting, and even though you don’t always have success, it’s about the process and connection with adventure that makes it all worth it. This film starts with the preparation it takes to be a hardcore bow hunter (lifting, shooting, studying, etc). It then transitions into “September” where we go on a DIY Public land Montana elk hunt. After 7 days in the back country we were given one opportunity at a beautiful 6×7 but weren’t able to make the shot. “October” starts off with a bang as I get an opportunity at the largest buck I have on camera, but once again we come up short. Battling through the ups and down we finally make it to “November”, which is traditionally a month where anything can happen. Hunting nearly every day I finally get a shot at a deer of a lifetime, that beds down in front of me at 37 yards. After waiting nearly 2 hours for a shooting window, I’m able to slip an arrow into his chest and finish the three month journey with success. This buck is the cherry on top of an amazing fall, but this film embodies all of the small things that make the memories of 2016 one I’ll never forget.